Medallion Profits offers a seamless and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional asset markets through a comprehensive service package for banks, asset management, private professional investors and family offices. We offer an anonymous and autonomous banking service built on the Blockchain technology. For American Blockchain companies Medallion Profits provides accounts and custody for fiat and digital assets.

Our Business Scope

  • Asset Side & Liability Side
  • Primary & Secondary Market
  • Fiat Currencies & Crypto Currencies
  • Traditional Securities & Digital Assets
  • Private Professional Clients & Institutional Clients

Our Service Scope

  • Digital Custody Services
  • Trading & Credit Platform
  • Client & Investment Solutions
  • Transaction Banking
  • Asset Tokenization
  • Crypto-collateralized Lending


Our digital custody storage solutions are designed to meet the highest security standards for the safekeeping of digital assets. Our setup goes beyond mere storage, each asset is added with daily profits gotten whilst the value is in custody addresses with institutional requirements . Medallion Profits secures cryptographic keys allowing clients to conveniently handle digital assets similar to traditional assets.

  • Custody storage solutions Hot, Cold and Deep Cold for digital assets as well as custody of traditional assets with digital value.
  • Custody storage solutions can be combined with a crypto currency account for active trading.
  • Highest security standards for storing cryptographic keys.
  • Strict policies, procedures and security controls


Medallion Profits acts as Principal to enable clients to deal with a well capitalised partner at all times. Our trading services make crypto accessible and combine new possibilities of evolving technologies and markets with proven financial methods and instruments.

  • Extensive offering of traditional asset classes (Equities, Bonds and Foreign Exchange)
  • 24/5, soon 24/7, access to market specialists for designated trading clients
  • Electronic trading platform for designated trading clients


The combination of financial expertise and profound digital asset know-how allows Medallion Profits’s clients to access new asset classes and specialised investment solutions in a secure, risk controlled framework.

  • Institutional-grade investment process with crypto-specific investment research
  • Bankable and tokenized investment products covering a wide range of the crypto space
  • Discretionary management of crypto assets with active and passive strategies
  • Crypto-based lending to provide liquidity
  • Index services for benchmarking and product construction


In addition to professional and institutional clients, American Blockchain companies gain access to global execution services for digital and traditional assets including transactions, transfers (digital assets only to own address) and payments with the best available security technology.

  • Transparency over total wealth (crypto & fiat)
  • 24/7 control over own financial assets via Medallion Profits E-Banking platform and Medallion Profitswallet app for mobile devices
  • Fiat payments in stores, internet purchases and cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide with Medallion Profits card for private clients


Medallion Profits is developing innovative and expedient tokenization solutions planned to be offered in the near future which will help clients to issue and manage financial assets on multiple Blockchain protocols and connect them to investors in an easy and cost-effective way.

  • Tokenization of fiat and precious metals.
  • Tokenization of alternative assets (RE, commodities, art).
  • Tokenized ecosystems for companies with products on the market (utility token)
  • Security token offerings (debt or equity)


We provide comprehensive lending services with loan amounts and duration tailored to your distinct needs - immediately and directly. Access fiat liquidity while remaining invested in digital assets!

  • Large loan amounts and comprehensive loan-to-value ratios from a American-regulated bank with solid capital base.
  • Flexible lending options with multi-currency loans, both on current account and fixed advance basis
  • Competitive pricing and an integrated service offering with direct access to expert knowledge on digital and traditional assets
  • Digital onboarding and fast responsive time thanks to lean decision-making and individual customer service